Year 13 Farewell Student Blog

Year 13 Farewell Student Blog

(Posted on 24/05/21)



Year 13 Leavers’ Blog by Millie & Joshy

As we are approaching our final days at CIS, Year 13 have been looking back on all the times we have shared. This school has given a family of friends that we have built, a community of alumni with bonds we will have tying us together forever.


So, how has IB gone?

Although the IB is a rigorous course, we feel as though our year has demonstrated tenacity and perseverance in our effort to gain our diplomas. We are extremely proud of everyone in our year, it is clear to see how much we have grown as students and as people. As we go into the world, we know that the IB and CIS has fully prepared and nurtured us for this transition.

We asked some Year 13 students to share with us their thoughts on their IB journey at CIS:

“My time spent studying the IB has given me a comprehensive set of academic skills that I can use in my future”  – Eleanor (Diploma Programme)

“Dodgeball was the elite elective!” – Fred (Career Programme)

“If I could describe stress and fun at the same time, it’d be the IB!” – Ana (Diploma Programme)


Our founding students’ stories…

As a founding student, I feel it is important to talk about the ways in which CIS has developed into something so unique in the short space of four years. From the first day in Year 10, this school has been something different. CIS makes the students feel known, the close-knit relationships with staff makes us feel as though we are competent and independent individuals. The teachers at CIS have nurtured and taught us so much over the past four years and all students have found a safe and caring home at CIS.

“The amazing idea of a 24-hour lesson was quite a memory but let’s just say, watching the fault in our stars at 3am and Daryl cooking pizza on the BBQ were some highlights!” – Founding Student



To end, we would like to thank all of our teachers, staff, governors and PTA for everything they have done for us over the past few years. Without you all, we wouldn’t have become the independent individuals that we are today. We have enjoyed our time at CIS and wouldn’t change it for the world, we have learnt so much from this small school and we will take this knowledge with us and use throughout our futures. But also, we are still waiting for the school pet we were promised… 


Everyone’s plans for the future… 

Ana: taking time to travel and explore.

Anais: taking a year out to prepare and pursue a career in nursing.

Arun: pursuing apprenticeships in finance.

Becky: studying Geography at the University of Liverpool.

Charlie: choosing between Biology at Lincoln or Southampton.

Eleanor: studying Politics and Philosophy at the University of Liverpool.

Eliza: studying Psychology at Bangor to become a behavioural researcher.

Ella: studying Sociology at Edge Hill.

Emily: studying Arts and Entertainment Management at Pace University.

Ethan: aspiring to study Natural Sciences at university.

Eve: studying International Business at Liverpool John Moores to pursue a career in aviation management.

Fred: pursuing automotive apprenticeships.

Ilan: studying Northern American Law at Birmingham City University to move to NYC with Jess.

Izzy: pursuing apprenticeships in childcare.

Jaz: studying Forensic Psychology at Wrexham Glynd?r University.

Jess: studying Northern American Law at Birmingham City University to move to NYC with Ilan.

JK Hemington: studying PPE at UCL to become Japan’s future first female Prime Minister.

Jodie: studying History at University of Liverpool.

Josh: pursuing a career in the Anti-Corruption police force.

Joshua: pursuing apprenticeships in media.

Joshy: studying Medicine MBBS BSc at UCL to become a doctor exploring the world’s cities.

Lauren: taking a year out and teach English on her travels.

Luca: aspiring to study Medicine at university.

Matt: choosing between music at City, University of London or ICMP London Music College.

Maximus: studying International Business Management at Nottingham.

Millie: studying Environmental Management and Sustainability at Plymouth to become a lawyer for the United Nations.

Mr. George W. Thomas: pursuing work as a cowboy on a ranch in Wyoming, USA for 6 months.

Oli: studying Computer Science at Edinburgh.

Remi: studying Food Science at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Rosie: studying Translation Studies at Newcastle.

Sophie: studying Law at university.


Quotes and farewells…

 “I am grateful to have had so many opportunities at CIS!” – Anais 2021

“Air” – Arun 2021

“Education is important, but big biceps are importanter.” – Charlie 2021

 “I’ll miss the CIS community and wish everyone success in the future.” – Eliza 2021

“Can everyone stop flirting with me … I can’t tell the difference!” – Ella 2021

 “You’re literally free.” – Ethan 2021

“Don’t stop beliebing!” – Eve 2021

“Take me back to Spain!” – Ana 2021

“Earth” – Fred 2021

“IB, what, like it’s hard?” – Ilan 2021

 “Thank you, next.” – Jess 2021

 “*gasp* I’ve got chocolate counters in my bag. #worshipandpraise” – Jodie 2021

“With our powers combined!...” – Matt 2021

“Well, that sure was not education!” – Eleanor 2021

“Fire” – Josh 2021

“Water” – Joshua 2021

“Pob lwc my lovelies, tarah pets” – Joshy 2021

“…” – Lauren 2021

“Don’t do an Extended Essay in Biology…” – Luca 2021

 “Wait … I thought Amsterdam was a country?!” – Millie 2021

“Hail Lobster, clean your room and tell the truth.” – Mr. George W. Thomas

“May he be remembered, the almighty Adam Kassab!” – Oli 2021

“Bye” – Remi 2021

“Guess what .. I grew up in Spain!” – Rosie 2021

“Thank goodness that’s over!” – Sophie 2021

“I’m going to simultaneously cure cancer and walk on Mars.” – Maximus 2021