Year 10 Day in the Life

Year 10 Day in the Life

(Posted on 02/12/16)

Daily Life of a Year 10 Student

The most frequently asked question about Chester International School is what will the day be like for our students?

We have designed our day very carefully with our students in mind to ensure it is balanced and allow them time to lead their own learning experience and have lots of time for inquiry and curiosity. Our School Day integrates timetabled sessions and student directed timetabled sessions allowing for support, extension, maximum choice and pursuit and development of new skills and passions. Dedicated coaches, learning and professional experts support student progress across all elements of our school day.

In Year 10, students receive the following number of timetabled hours per week in each subject which allows plenty of time to ensure all students achieve and excel. This is just one of the advantages of having a longer day. 


CIS hours per week







Option Subjects




The school day includes:

TIMETABLED STUDY Including lectures, tutorials and expert led group sessions.

SELF-SCHEDULED SESSIONS Students sign up for subject sessions of their choice to support, stretch and challenge.

ENRICHMENT ELECTIVES Allowing for pursuit of personal interests, students choose three enrichment electives each term.

It is a busy school day but as we support our students to complete their work in school with the subject experts, peer mentors and coaches, we want to ensure our students have their evenings and weekends to explore other hobbies, spend time with friends and family and to relax and enjoy their free time.

You can read about a day in the life for a Year 10 student below and you can find out more by coming to meet our team.

We look forward to sharing what we do.

Kate Ryan



A day in the life

8.30am - 9am Team meeting - I join my team to plan my week using my laptop from our 1:1 programme and I register for my self-scheduled lessons. This week, I have chosen the Mac Suite, a Maths session for extra support and Science for extension experiments. 

9am - 10am English Lecture - Our lecture is interactive with quizzes and partner work and it is recorded so I can watch it online for revision and independent work. In the morning, instead of a timetabled break, we have a drink and snack when we choose. 

10am - 11am Science lab - I am working on a project with my partner in Singapore and we are conducting water experiments from our local areas and comparing results. I upload a video of my experiment and results and I'll wait for my partner to send their results overnight. 

11am - 12pm History group - I am researching and planning my essay. I ask my classmates their thoughts and my teacher is on hand to guide me when needed. 

12pm - 1pm Lunchtime - I enjoy a delicious lunch in our dining area and then relax with my friends. 

1pm - 1.30pm Spanish Tutorial - In our classroom, we work in pairs practicing our spoken Spanish in preparation for our visit to Spain during half term. 

1.30pm - 2.30pm Self-scheduled lesson in Mac Suite – I am working on an IT project for my work placement working with the Studio’s app developer and graphic designer. 

2.30pm - 3pm Coaching session - Once a week, I spend time with my coach working on my Individual Action Plan to make sure I am achieving all of my targets and preparing myself for upcoming events. 

3pm - 4.30pm Enrichment Electives - Each term I choose three electives: sport, creativity and community and skills. Today, I am playing basketball. Later in the week, I have Robotics and Model United Nations. There is so much to choose from and I can change them each term. 

4.30pm Time for home.