Y13 IB Results Day 2021

(Posted on 09/07/21)



IB results day 2021 has proven to be yet another fantastic celebration of our young people demonstrating the grit, adaptability and resilience required to succeed in such challenging circumstances.  All learners have produced extensive coursework in each their subjects which was externally marked and the grade used in conjunction with teacher assessment to calculate final scores. 

We are so proud to be sharing the news of an increased Diploma Pass rate this year at 91% which is significantly higher than the global average of 85%*.  The average Diploma Total point score has increased this year to 33 points which again is higher than the global average of 31 points*.  I am therefore delighted to inform you that all learners with a firmed place at University have achieved the scores needed to reach their next destination.  Learners are following their dreams in a wide range of adventures that includes taking a gap year to work as cowboy on a ranch in the USA to achieving a full scholarship at PACE University in New York.  Emily Whitehill who was awarded the scholarship achieved two grade 7’s and two grade 6’s said: "The IB has set me up perfectly for the future and CIS has helped me to achieve my dream of going to university in New York City!".  

Another student who had relocated from Japan to attend CIS has secured a place at Saskatchewan University in Canada is really excited to be securing that spot with her excellent set of scores as part of her Bilingual Diploma.  This year has seen an increase in learners achieving the coveted Bilingual Diploma, only awarded where students have shown high proficiency in language and literacy skills in more than one language. 

With over 170,000 Diploma candidates worldwide this year across over 3,000 schools around the world, less than 0.5% achieve the maximum Diploma point score of 45.  Joshua Berdouk is part of this illustrious group and, as a result, is following his dream as a firmed Medical student at University College London.  Joshua said: "The IB Diploma has been the most challenging yet best thing I have ever done - The results have really made everything worth it and I am so excited to begin adult life for real now!". 

Eleanor Colston who achieved three grade 7’s in Biology, Psychology and History will be going onto university to study said: "I'm unbelievably happy with my result and couldn’t have done it without our wonderful teachers. Thank you for a fantastic three years"   


*May 2020 Statistical Bulletin.  2021 Bulletin due to be released in forthcoming days.