Why I Chose the Diploma Programme at CIS

Why I Chose the Diploma Programme at CIS

(Posted on 08/03/18)

Hi, my name is Olly. I am a student at Chester International School.


My aspiration for the future is to have a career in technology; maybe, going into IT development, or cyber security. CIS is where students are able to do the IB career or diploma course.


I am currently doing the diploma course, and my subjects include Mathematics Studies, English Literature and Language, Environmental Science, Spanish, Business Management and IT in Global Society. I chose to do the diploma course because it allows me to do multiple subjects I am interested in and I enjoy. I particularly enjoy studying ITGS.


The diploma is good as it contains CAS, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. This in turn allows students to develop communication skills and independence. With doing multiple subjects, this allows me to choose to go down different routes for careers as I haven’t got a definite idea of what I want to do. Furthermore, the International Baccalaureate is seen as more challenging than A-levels, so universities really respect it.


Another aspect I enjoy about CIS is that there are sports and creative electives, this means that students are able to choose creative hobbies that they can do an hour a week, such as 3D printing. And for sports students are able to do a wide range of activates to do exercise for 90 minutes per week. Overall, CIS is great for students who want opportunities and activity.