Why did we choose the IB as our choice for Sixth Form qualifications?

Why did we choose the IB as our choice for Sixth Form qualifications?

(Posted on 25/01/17)

Our vision for Chester International School is to prepare our students for a future which is successful, happy and one filled with options and global opportunities. We chose the International Baccalaureate as our qualification of choice for Sixth Form because it is well-established, well recognised by employers and universities and has options and combinations to suit all students. 

Currently, the IB has over 5000 schools worldwide and almost 200 schools in the UK. The reach of the IB is ever growing and it has three global centres in Singapore, The Hague and Washington.

We believe the IB goes beyond the current educational debate offering the best of everything to our students: it has a solid foundation in academic knowledge, it encourages a well rounded approach to student development, support skills, and ensures students have real world experience. And of course, in this changing world it encourages our students to be outward looking global citizens who can communicate, collaborate and create solutions with others. It provides the best foundation we have seen for our students to be ready for the workplace, university or the next steps our students choose.

“The IB develops students that top universities want: students with expert subject knowledge; with the skills good students require – research, essay writing, footnoting; but above all, with the spirit of intellectual inquiry and critical thinking, the ability to challenge, argue and ask questions. Universities are clearly aware of this: the offer rate and acceptance rate for IB Diploma students is notably above other post-16 qualifications, including A levels, with an 87 per cent acceptance rate for UK students last year.