School Year

Group of student hikers

Our School Year is extended and reflecting the professional workplace, involves student choice as to when they take holidays and time away from their studies.

We understand how important it is for our students to have a school year which is aligned as closely as possible to other schools to ensure they have time with siblings, family, friends and out of school commitments, so we have kept a similar structure but with some key differences to offer our students exciting and extended opportunities.

‘Half term’ holidays - Students choose two from the three Half Term options for a week-long holiday during the year. One of the Half Term options will be selected by the student to take part in an Enrichment Week where students will participate in work placements, service learning, UK and overseas visits.

Term 4 - Term 4 is a three week term. Students can choose to attend term 4 Option 1 in July or Option 2 in August. In Term 4, students will have the option of local work placements, attend a Summer MBA course or overseas work placements, depending on their course of study and their choice.

Academic Year 2019/2020

Term 1

  • Term 1A - 02/09/19-25/10/19
  • Half term/Enrichment Week - 25/10/19-04/11/19
  • Term 1B - 04/11/19-19/12/19
  • Winter Break - 19/12/19-06/01/20

Term 2

  • Term 2A - 06/01/20-14/02/20
  • Half Term/Enrichment Week - 14/02/20-24/02/20
  • Term 2B - 24/02/20-02/04/20
  • Spring Break - 06/04/20-17/04/20

Term 3

  • Term 3A - 20/04/20-22/05/20
  • Half Term/Enrichment Week - 25/05/20-29/05/20
  • Term 3B - 01/06/20-03/07/20

Term 4

  • Option 1 Experience Placement - 06/07/20 - 24/07/20
  • Option 1 Summer Break - 03/08/20 - 21/08/20
  • Option 2 Experience Placement - 03/08/20 - 21/08/20
  • Option 2 Summer Break - 06/07/20 - 24/07/20

All students have the following additional summer breaks:
27/07/20 and 24/08/20


All students are expected to work on canvas at home during staff training days - please contact the school if you need support with this request.

External Examinations will still take place even if they are scheduled during school or bank holidays. The school will be open and running to allow these to take place.