What next after your GCSE results?

What next after your GCSE results?

(Posted on 24/08/16)

Choice is a great thing but you need to take time to think. Tony Lamberton, Executive Headteacher of Christleton Learning Trust in Chester shares advice to help you approach your education choices with ease and confidence.

(1) Begin your research early

Ideally, start investigating schools a year or two before you plan to apply. Advance preparation takes the anxiety out of the process. Spare some time to research school websites, talk to other students, family and friends. For each Sixth Form, consider:

(2) Attend Open House & School Tour events

(3) Understand the admissions process

The admissions process typically includes three steps: (A) an application, (B) student meeting (optional) and (C) a conditional offer. Applications deadlines range from Late September to Late January.

(4) What to do after you receive offers!

Congratulations — you survived the application process! Students must accept or decline their offers within a certain period of time (usually two weeks). After initial offers go out, don't be too disappointed if you don't get your first choice, additional places may become available as offers are declined. Contact the admissions team regularly to express your continued interest.

Remember you are important and the education system is there to support you to be successful in whatever you choose to do. If you don't choose or do nothing life may work out well but why take the chance?

My daughter changed school and subjects at 16 and I remember clearly all the considering and thinking she did. It was a fun time where she was in charge and I was there to help.

Good luck! - although there is a quote "Shallow people believe in luck, strong people believe in cause and effect" R W Emerson.

Tony Lamberton