Top 10 things about Chester International School

Top 10 things about Chester International School

(Posted on 20/03/18)

1. You get to wear business clothes - we wear what we are comfortable wearing and It gives us freedom


2. You get to eat in lessons – this is good because if you are hungry you can eat without losing concentration


3. You work on computers


4. It's small – this is good because it gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone


5. The teachers are friendly –the teachers respect you and talk to you like your a colleague not a student you will want to work hard


6. They have loads of things to do – like Creativity Week where we made clay pots and we had a 24 hour lesson 


7. They want us to do our best - they help us in the things we struggle with, they sit with us and look at our work, and know what we are good at and know what we need help with. This is makes us want to work harder and not give up


8. We can have any hair colour we like - this allows us to express ourselves making us feel more confident 


9. Self scheduled - this helps us because it gives us extra time to complete the work we need to finish or focus on what we need to focus on


10. 4.15 finish - some people don’t like our late finish but the late finish gives us time for more lessons which ensures we get a better education 


Millie B, Year 10