Do you think you have the answers to these questions? The Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) course provides a platform for discussion of these and many other important issues related to the use and misuse of Information Technology (IT) throughout the world. We don’t just look at local issues, we examine the effects of IT around the Globe, as in our interconnected world nothing can happen in isolation anymore. If a teenager in Chester changes their mobile phone every six months, does that result in more heavy metals polluting rivers in the Guangdong Province in China?

On the ITGS course we study and evaluate the impacts of IT on the Global Society, as well as individuals. We explore the advantages and disadvantages of the access and use of digitised information at both the local and Global level. ITGS provides a framework for you to make informed judgments and decisions about the use of IT within various social contexts.

ITGS topics are studied holistically from three perspectives. Firstly, we will examine the underlying technology. This could include identifying hardware, learning practical software skills and studying abstract theory concepts. Information Technology is far more than a PC and the Internet. We will look at a topic and explore issues such as privacy, freedom of speech, copyright and reliability. We also look at the financial, psychological, social and health implications of these issues. For example, we could discuss the financial implications of inaccurate Satnav systems to car owners or insurance companies. Finally, the starting point of a unit could be an area of impact. For example, we could study the use and effect of IT on the healthcare industry. We would look at areas such as robotic surgery, insulin Nano-robots, patient records, medical information and advice on the Internet, game addiction, e-waste, safe use of IT equipment, and much more.

The ITGS course offers an excellent opportunity to explore the overall effects of IT in various circumstances, all across the world. Giving you the opportunity to study the advantages and disadvantages of numerous systems and ideas, and develop your own views and opinions surrounding these important issues.

Year 12/13 IB

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Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
Year 12 Social and ethical considerations linked to specified IT developments
Reliability and integrity
Privacy and anonymity
Intellectual property
The digital divide and access of quality
The digital divide and access of quality
Globalization and cultural diversity
Standards and protocols
People and machines
Digital citizenship
Scenarios based on real-life situations must be used when addressing specified IT developments
Business and employment
Education and training Home and leisure
Politics and government
HL Social and ethical considerations linked to the two HL extension topics and the issues raised by the annually issued case study. Scenarios based on real-life situations must be used when addressing specified IT developments in the two HL extension topics and the annually issued case study.
Year 13 IT systems
The terminology, concepts and tools relating to specified IT developments
Personal and public communications
Multimedia/digital media
Spreadsheets, modelling and simulations
Introduction to project management
The project (practical application of IT skills)
The application of skills and knowledge to develop an original IT product for a specified client
Revision and preparation for exams EXAMS
HL Students must study the following topics.
3.10 IT systems in organizations
3.11 Robotics, artificial intelligence and expert systems
3.12 Information systems specific to the annually issued case study