French (Y10-13)


In French, we study of all things French - French language, culture, film, art, literature, philosophy and linguistics. It also involves learning about French-speaking parts of the world other than France, in Europe, Africa and North America.

Our students not only learn about metropolitan France but about French as a global language and France’s role on the world stage. The department also has a passion for including in modern and contemporary literature and visual cultures (art, photography and film).

To complement their academic development, students of French are also encouraged to put their language skills to use through a vibrant programme of social activities organised throughout the year, including film events, theatre workshops and cafés philosophiques. Aspiring journalists contribute to our successful student-run French language web-zine.

Knowledge of French will give you a distinct advantage on the job market, whether in the UK, in Europe - where French is an official and major working language of the EU - or internationally. As Britain negotiates its position in a fast-changing world, the future will increasingly belong to those who stand out because they master other languages.

We will explore access to France in our own locality

Admire French paintings in the National Gallery, the Tate and the Wallace Collection; watch a French play; catch a Francophone Film Festival at your local Arts Cinema!

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Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
Year 10 Au collège
To learn about school in France and make comparisons with the UK future career plans
To describe your daily routine
School of the future
Ideal School
Future and Conditional tenses
Men and Women in the workplace
Special Occasion
To identify key members of the family including pets
To describe family members and pets e.g. name/age/appearance/personality
To explain how you get on with different family members and friends and give reasons
To identify and describe special occasions celebrated at home
Au Revoir les Enfants
Nazi Occupation of France
Study of Louis Malle’s film
To be able to talk about what you watch on TV
Describe special occasions
Opinions about things you did
Les vacances infinitive verbs /on peut/ holiday activities
Near future
To describe and plan a trip to Paris
To learn about Francophone countries
Resources & Links Film: Entre les murs Film: LOL
Read LOL
Film: La Rafle / Au Revoir les Enfants / Le cle de Sarah International travel opportunities expand our view of culture and help us appreciate the importance of social context.
Inquiry questions:
Factual: What are common cultural stereotypes of different parts of the world?
Conceptual: How do our cultural expectations guide our traveling choices?
Debatable: What is the difference between a ‘traveler’ and a ‘tourist’?
Year 11 Am I fit and healthy?
Food and Drink
Parts of the body
Medical advice / Pharmacy / illnesses
Healthy/Unhealthy lifestyles
The importance of exercise
To suggest ways of improving lifestyles
Home and Local Area, Special occasions celebrated in the home
Home, town, neighbourhood and region, where it is and what it is like
A la mode Shopping, money, fashions, trends:
Advantages and disadvantages of new technology:
Current problems facing the planet. Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area
Resources & Links L’atelier de Joel Rebouchon
Factual: What are common elements of gourmet cooking?
Conceptual: Why have the culinary arts gained such popularity in recent years?
Debatable: Can food become art?
ProjectTo compare & contrast UK celebrations with celebrations in other parts of the world Technology project: To identify advantages and disadvantages of new technology Paris Agreement EXAMS

Year 12/13 IB

Term 1a Term 1b Term 2a Term 2b Term 3a Term 3b
Year 12 Education (Film: Entre les Murs)
Au revoir les enfants
Global Issues
Racism, prejudice and discrimination.
Immigration and refugees
Racism and the Extreme Right in France. (Film: La Haine)
L’histoire de la France
Nazi Occupation of France
La Rafle
Health and Well being Personal Relationships The Environment
HL Joseph Joffo Un sac de billes
Year 13 The Power of the Media Communication and Media
Bias in media
Ethical questions in Science (euthanasia, GMOs, etc) Cuisine, Culture et Clichés (strikes & demonstrations) The Francophone World / the nature of Bilingualism.
HL Molière Le Tartuffe