Students from Thailand visit CIS

Students from Thailand visit CIS

(Posted on 09/05/19)

This week we hosted a group of students from Thailand! They were involved in a range of experiences and got to know our students across the 2 day experience. 

This is what our visitors had to say about their time at CIS:


"Hello CIS teacher and student

We are students from ECE program. We want to say from our heart that we are happy to have one time in our life with wonderful experience at CIS and with local student.

It’s a best memorable time on activities we got here. Even if it’s just 2 days but it’s worth our visit. We will remember you until. We will be back again." - Owen, Tatar Tar, Boss


"My experience about this school is very good. People here are very friendly, teachers teach so excited. I’m very surprised with your technology. I’m happy to have an experience here." - TK


"My friends here are very nice and kind. The class I like the most is photography class which I’ve created a masterpiece with my partner named Ricky. The school is much better than my school in Thailand." - Jay 


"I have new friends. And they very kind and friendly. I’m very happy to learn in this school" - Bung


"At first day we are very excited to be here at this school. We met so many wonderful, friendly friends. In our first class we made science lab. We got new knowledge about magnet and electricity. Next we study drama in very fun. And we made a project with student here about different culture of our 2 country Thailand and UK. It very interesting. In the evening we study Art. It made us like art more than the past. And the next day we going to more practise English language and played game with student in UK. In the afternoon we will make a film and photoshop it very make me enjoineed. And the last I think I very impression to enjoin with them."


"We had an amazing time here, we met lots of new friends and they were very nice. The activities that we did in Chester International School were very useful for all students. We got a great experience from here that could apply to use in Thailand. After finish the lunch, we played table tennis with Gerrard and his friends that was a very good game. Thank you for everything that give to us. We will remember it in our mine. Love you. Xx xx" - Phu, Jan, Pang & Mint


"I think that the school is very good and we had lots of fun interacting with the students and teachers. I think that the experiments were fun and interactive. We think that the experiment could have been more varied to have more types of experiment. I think the facilities in the school’s very adequate and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience."