Student Success at Chester International School 2021

(Posted on 12/08/21)


GCSE results day 2021 has been another fun-filled day of celebrations as the young people of Chester International School received their hard-earned grades and shared their successes with their family and teachers.  Learners have been faced with many challenges over the two years of their programme and have shown resilience and grit along the way.   

Chair of Governors Stephen Miller said: “This is an outstanding set of results especially in the context of the disrupted learning environment during lockdown. The students have all worked incredibly hard, supported by a fantastic team at CIS, and thoroughly deserve their success.” 


Pictured left to right: Amira Berdouk, Dan Crathern, Amelia McGowan and Jaxson Basra 

Following the schools International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) accreditation this year, the learners in year 11 have also achieved an MYP Certificate providing them with a solid foundation for the IB Diploma and IB Career Programme in the Sixth Form. 

Elizabeth Jones completed her MYP/GCSE programme with an outstanding set of results achieving 7 grade 9’s.  Elizabeth will be staying on at the sixth form to undertake the prestigious Diploma Programme enabling her to study 6 of her favorite subjects such as Art and History.  Elizabeth said: ‘I’ve had an amazing two years so far, everyone’s been so supportive.  I’ve loved the school environment.’ 

Amira Berdouk pictured below, enjoys learning languages and has been studying Japanese and Spanish.  Amira has scored 5 grade 9’s and 4 grade 8’s.  Amira is excited to be embarking on the Diploma Programme with a view to continuing her passions at university.  Amira said:  'The Diploma Programme is going to be an experience, I have had to work really hard for this so I am excited. I know it will be really fun because I can choose exactly what I want to study.  I am hoping to study comparative literature at university.' 




Principal Katrina Brown said: “We are so proud of our year 11’s for the maturity and determination shown during what has been a tough two-year journey.  A GCSE/MYP programme is challenging in the best of circumstances.  Our young people have grown in so many ways during their time with us, I am confident that the skills and traits developed along the way will stay with them for a lifetime.  It has been wonderful to see the excitement they hold for their futures now they have their qualifications in hand.  We have had a fantastic morning and are looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks' time ready to begin the next chapter as sixth formers” 

The school which opened in 2017 has gone from strength to strength with headlines figures showing a steady growth in pupil numbers and improvements in key performance indicators which can be viewed on the website.