Reflecting on Open Event 19th June

Reflecting on Open Event 19th June

(Posted on 21/06/18)

This week we welcomed students from many different schools to explore CIS.

With workshops in a variety of academic subjects, students were able to experience our unique style of learning using our high-class facilities. Discussing the future of subjects like Maths, Business, History, Science, ICT, and Languages allowed parents and children to understand just how passionate our staff are about education.

We received amazing feedback from parents who attended, complimenting our ability to encourage creativity, embrace technology and implement real-life skills.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience our upcoming building via virtual reality technology, so that others can envision the future of CIS through a digital representation of the newly designed school.

These evenings allow us to exhibit our drive for learning and individual approach to teaching that sets CIS apart from mainstream education.

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