Reflecting on Creativity Week

Reflecting on Creativity Week

(Posted on 27/03/18)

For one half term the school hosted a creative week. Students who chose that half term as their elective came to school from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to do different activities each day. For the first day, we attended pottery making with Vicky and discovered the different ways of making pots. The way we were taught was coiling which was by rolling parts of clay until they were equal amounts, then scoring them and attaching them together with slip ( clay and water mixed together). We repeated this until we formed what looked like a vase.

On the second day, we were with Tony Lamberton to learn about photography techniques . He showed us how to use different angles and levels when taking photos to make it look as effective as possible. We then went outside in groups around Handbridge taking photos of scenery using the skills we were taught. At the end of the session, we emailed Tony our best pictures so he could choose the best three to put in our new school building. 

For the third day, Phil Cotton from LearnByLayers came in to show us how to create digital models to 3D print. He showed us the different materials you can use to print with and how long it would take to print different models; for example, the more filled in you made it, the longer amount of hours would be spent to print it. 

The fourth day was a trip to Manchester on the minibus. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry to look at the robots through time expedition and look at the rest of the museum afterwards. Once we finished there, we all went to a different part across the road to participate in a space in VR session. 

Lastly, on Friday morning, we attended a drama session with Matt where we created our own characters and put them all in a play together at the end. In the afternoon, we had a Zumba session where we danced to lots of different songs, then created our own Zumba dance to show everyone at the end.


Jodie, Year 10