Japanese Lessons

Japanese Lessons

(Posted on 29/03/18)

I recently started Japanese with our principal Kate with another three students; we try extravagant Japanese foods and drinks and look into the culture of Japan. We have started exploring food names and the Japanese hiragana chart.

The other day, we watched a Japanese TV series and learned how Japanese people live and what their schools are like. When we were learning about foods, Kate bought some Japanese foods and sweets. We tried a soup named ‘miso soup’ and we tried a drink called ‘Ramune’. 

Miso soup is a typical Japanese dish that they will eat before they start their dinner; they will normally drink it straight out of the bowl.

Ramune is a fizzy soda that is made in Japan; it has a marble in the top of the lid so that when you open the bottle the marble falls down into a gab that stops the drink from losing its fizz.

We tried a past GCSE Japanese paper and Emily and I decided we wanted to do and extra GCSE in Japanese. We have been practicing characters from the hiragana alphabet and have been using duo-lingo to learn new words. In the near future, I am hoping to be able to have a full conversaion in Japanese.


Rosie Eaton