Independent study trumps homework says Lucas from Year 12

Independent study trumps homework says Lucas from Year 12

(Posted on 26/09/18)

One of the banes of my existence in high school was the monster that ate your evenings, interrupted your personal time and, whenever you tried to socialise, reared its ugly head. That monster being.... HOMEWORK!

It was the worst thing about school, the weight and feel of those heavy and loathsome papers in your bag as you walk home, those loathsome papers which cause nothing but pain and stress. But after finishing GCSE and heading towards sixth form, I was daunted by the idea of having to become a hermit to keep up with all the work and papers that  I would be swamped with.

Luckily for me, Chester International School is at the moment an upholder of peace, peace of mind that is. Since starting at CIS I have not received a piece of homework, the only work I have done after school is self set.

Not receiving homework allows me to peruse other interests at home which helps me relax and prepare for the next day. It also allows me to focus on certain topics which I need to improve or focus upon, instead of being forced to do work for a completely unrelated subject.

Lucas Year 12