Does reading help a student become more relaxed?

Does reading help a student become more relaxed?

(Posted on 27/03/18)

I was sat on my bed looking at my bookshelf. I stared wondering about the old worn and tattered pages on my shelf and wondered to myself, ‘Does reading help you to relax?’

I know what you’re thinking ‘Can’t you just read online now?’ and ‘What’s the point in books? No one collects them anymore!’ I know what you’re saying but reading isn’t just about the book you have in your hands, it’s about the world you imagine inside the pages. Younger people, certainly teens in my year, say that ‘reading is boring’ or ‘reading is for nerds’ but as my old friend used to say, ‘people who find reading boring just haven’t found the perfect book yet.’

So, I made it my mission to help as many young children find a passion for reading at a young age. I took part in a voluntary role at my local library and helped younger children find the one book that took them on a journey that would help them be more relaxed when they became my age. I had asked the children if they liked reading before I started helping them and more than half the children I helped said that they thought reading was boring. It made me laugh because that was me when I was back in primary. I absolutely hated reading because no one ever helped me or supported me to actually read so I’d sit there staring into the clouds.

I found the one book I was in love with (thanks to the help of one of my favourite teachers) and ever since then I have read and read and read. All together I have over 80 books that I have bought and took care of them liked my own precious treasures. The school also has a large selection of books on RM Books which is an online reading service that provides online books for students to read during their spare time and everyone has their own account. I am currently reading a rangers apprentice book. This is a fantastic way of getting students who don’t particularly like reading to read something.  Reading has not only helped me in school but it has helped my mentally. It helped me became more confident in what I want to do.

I believe more students need to do this. More people need to once in a while pick up a book and forget about reality. At CIS, everyone has the luxury thanks to RM Books, and if you do encourage family and friends to read more. It helps not only in intelligence but it helps your mental strength too. 


Ellie-Mae, Year 10