Creativity Week at CIS

(Posted on 28/02/18)

As part of our half-term elective programme, some of our students opted to spend the February break taking part in Creativity Week at CIS! Here’s what our students had to say about their workshops:

Monday – Web design with Adam

Web design

“On Monday we did a web design workshop with Adam. It was really fun coding and making something that others could easily see and enjoy.

In the morning, using Adobe Dreamweaver, Adam showed me how to start coding a website in HTML, and sometime later I had a website with multiple pages on it.

Then in the afternoon, Adam showed us how to use CSS files to visually customise the website by changing the colours, font and background etc. It was one of my favourite days of the week.” – Ethan W, Year 10


Monday – Ceramics with Vicky


“In the ceramics workshop we worked with Vicky to create our own pots, using a range of different techniques. We learned what coiling was and also slipping.

We used coiling to form the shape of our pots and then used slipping to make sure it stuck together. This was to help our pots not fall apart.” – Jasmine D, Year 10


Tuesday – Photography with Tony Lamberton


“On Tuesday we participated in a photography workshop with Tony and we learned quite a few tips and tricks about photography.

We were given cameras and equipment, then went around the city of Chester in groups to take photos. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Rosie E, Year 10


Wednesday – 3D design and printing with Phil from LearnByLayers

3D design & printing

“On Wednesday we did 3D printing with Phil, from LearnByLayers. The day was split into sections where we designed 3D objects on the computers.

Each stage getting more complicated than the last as we developed our 3D design skills. However, with Phil’s advice and guidance, we were able to make some very cool objects and create our own designs.

Personally I found the day very informative and fun, as 3D printing is one of my favourite hobbies, and I was able to create designs easily with the software on the computers and the support from Phil.” – Olly C, Year 12


Thursday – The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

The Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

“We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. When we arrived, we went to the robots exhibition where we meet a little robot named Pepper who interacted with us.

We also went to the VR section where Tim Peake took us through what landing a rocket is like. After that we went on a red arrows simulator, this was fun and like being on a roller coaster. Then Rosie and I had to lead the way to the restaurant which gave us practice of reading a map in a big city.

The buffet was very good and tasty especially the pizza in my opinion, lots of people liked the sushi and Indian food, not forgetting the puddings. Our day in Manchester finished there. This was a really fun day and I think we all agree that it was a great day.” – Emily W, Year 10


Friday – Drama with Matt Plumpton


“On Friday morning, we attended a drama session in the lecture space with Matt. For drama we created our own characters and we were hot seated to answer questions as the character we made up.

After the first session, we had a small break then created a mini play as our characters. For our mini play our characters ended up being starfish with the personalities of the first characters.

This was a great opportunity as we felt comfortable around each other to create a play.” – Jodie D, Year 10


Friday – Dance and Zumba with Gemma Sati

Dance and Zumba

“On Friday we did a Dance workshop with Gemma. This was really good because we got to try new types of dance which was fun.

Later on, we got to choreograph our own routine and show it to the rest of the group.” – Millie G, Year 10


Every half term break we offer fantastic opportunities to all students.

They can spend a week on a work experience or volunteering placement, or participate in exciting workshops and activities like our Creativity Week!