CIS Garden - July

CIS Garden - July

(Posted on 17/07/18)

With the heatwave hitting the UK, our garden at CIS has faced some difficulties this July.


Reaching heights of 30ºC in Chester, even the grass on our field has wilted under the pressure.


Unfortunately, the grass is not the only greenery we have lost to the summer sun. A lot of our root vegetables, such as carrots and cauliflower, have suffered, despite consistent watering. In the future, we will consider moving vulnerable plants out of direct sunlight, in order to reduce the temperature of their environment.


But not all is lost! Our climbing beans and runner beans are thriving under the sun and getting taller by the day. Their adult leaves are looking healthy and green; and we are now entering the next stage of flowering. We are looking forward to how the vegetables turn out.


We are now also a part of RHS Campaign for School Gardening, and grateful for the welcome package we received. Our member plaque is proudly displayed in the school entrance, and our science lab is now brightly decorated with information posters.


Towards the end of July, we are seeing some rain and cooler temperatures. Hopefully this will aid our garden is staying healthy until it is time to harvest.