CIS Garden - August

CIS Garden - August

(Posted on 04/09/18)

Following the defeat of our garden from the summer sun, our mission this August has been to resurrect our outdoor space.

We have replanted our hanging baskets and they have given our garden the splash of life and colour that it needed to get us back onto the path to recovery.

We have also been planning the gardening elective that we will reinstate in September. The start of the new school year means that students will have scheduled time to dedicate to general maintenance of the garden and planting projects.

Our climbing beans reached full maturity this month – meaning we we’re able to harvest the beans! We even got to taste them. Our plan is to lay them out to dry indoors for at least two weeks in order to (hopefully) replant.

We are positive that the return of the rain at the end of this month will leave our garden fresh and replenished to start the new school year.