Aiming high - An insight into extra curricular Drama at CIS

Aiming high - An insight into extra curricular Drama at CIS

(Posted on 09/09/19)

The Drama department at Chester International School began in September 2018 and has just begun its second year, growing into the IB Diploma Programme as Teatre, a group 6 subject. 

Just a few weeks into joining the school, our Drama teacher Natalie heard about a new BBC Drama that was being filmed in Handbridge so got in touch with the producers. Things spiralled quickly and resulted in the Drama group being asked to perform in this BBC Drama playing the roles of school boys. A collaboration was formed between Chester International School and our partner school, Queen’s Park High School to work on this project which was filmed on a cold day in November. 30 students had the incredible opportunity to be extras in the BBC Drama World on Fireand received individual costume fitting, hair, makeup and rehearsals with a BBC director.

In addition to this exciting project, CIS Drama students were given the opportunity to take part in the National Theatre Connections programme for 2019, this is an exciting project where The National Theatre commission new plays every year and gives the opportunity for a number of groups around the country to take part in. Our production last year was Flesh by Rob Drummond, a gritty play with some similar themes to Lord of the Flies with a contemporary twist. Our students performed this play at HOME in Manchester in front of National Theatre directors.