Meet our Students

We asked students to let us know why they believe CIS is right for them. Here’s what they said...


Female student

After year 11 in my old school, I decided that I wanted a change and something new and challenging. I found Chester International School, which gave me the opportunity to explore new experiences. I chose to study the Career-Related Programme because when I left school, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go to university or get an apprenticeship and this course would allow me to have the option of both.

The other reason that I chose the CP is that I didn’t want to study a lot of subjects. I wanted to study a smaller number of subjects and focus on specialising in them. The CP course that I am on is focused around business, which is good for me because I would like to leave sixth form and go into business. The CP offers a range of subjects from the Diploma Programme such as Visual Arts, Sciences and ITGS as well as the specialist career-related studies.

James B

Male student

I decided to come to Chirstleton International Studio to step away from the norm and go to a smaller school for my 6th form. I would like to pursue an apprenticeship after 6th form, so the Career-Related Programme was the perfect fit.

I chose to specialise in Business and study DP Maths and ITGS as part of the course as these will help me pursue my dreams. I enjoy the Reflective Project as part of the CP, where we get to explore social and ethical issues surrounding the world of business. So far I have loved my time here at CIS and will enjoy the rest of my studies here.

James M

Male student

Chester International School is a school that specialises in the International Baccalaureate, which gives the opportunity for students to approach learning in a completely different style to other 6th forms. For me, this was a great opportunity to try something new and embrace learning in a different way.

From an early age I have had a passion for business, and here at CIS this enables me to pursue my aspirations as a successful entrepreneur. The course also gives me the flexibility to integrate a mixture of DP courses as well as the CP core. The class sizes at CIS enable us to have a lot of time with teachers, which enhances our learning experience. We also work in small groups on exciting projects that contribute to our studies and enrichments. At CIS we are on first-name terms with the teachers, creating a friendly and respectful environment. For me this helps me understand the expectations of an employer and provides an insight into the world of work.


Male student

I have gone down the route of the Career-Related Programme that CIS offers, and I will be studying Business. They also offer a choice of enhancement lessons to study which can benefit you for many reasons, meaning I can carry on with my photography which I have a passion for.

I’m not quite sure on what I want to do, as I still have the rest of Sixth Form to get a general perspective on what I like and what I am good at. I've always wanted to do something with marketing but we will see what the years to come offer.

The main reason I have been drawn to this new school is the new unique element of technology, the whole school is based around it. I think the school offers great experiences for individuals like myself that have an interest in business.