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Our studio school is a hub of business, entrepreneurship and academic study which is unparalleled in its capacity for innovation, and commitment to global and professional engagement. We offer extended work placements and our students can choose subjects and elective activities which really interest them and there are many opportunities for travel and adventure. As you explore what makes CIS unique, I encourage you to consider how you might fit in our dynamic community from September 2017.

Chester International School will have a purpose built world-class facility in the heart of Chester. After studying with us, our students will go into the world with confidence, skills and a broad range of experience. For some this will be work, for others, apprenticeships and for some universities, near and further afield.

Drawing on the experience of Christleton High School as a leading school in Chester, Chester International School is moving with confidence into the future, integrating innovation and ground breaking opportunities for our students.

I hope that you will take the time to learn about this remarkable Studio School, participate in this consultation process and consider joining us on our incredible journey here at Chester International School. We look forward to meeting you and sharing more about what we do.

Kate Unsworth, Principal, Chester International School

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