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Mr Neil Jones, Chair of LGB, Chester International School
Tel: 01244 735610

Mr Euan Imrie, Chair of Trustees, The Learning Trust

Role of Local Governing Body at CIS

Governors have a vital role in ensuring every child at CIS gets the best possible education and the Department for Education has issued the "School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013" which define three core functions of the governing body. These are to:

  1. Set the vision and strategic direction of school;
  2. Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance; and
  3. Ensure the financial resources are well spent

It is our belief that Governors should systematically challenge senior leaders so that the effective deployment of staff and resources, including the pupil premium and SEN funding, secures excellent outcomes for pupils. Governors do not shy away from challenging leaders about variations in outcomes for pupil groups, especially between disadvantaged and other pupils.

External reviews of governing bodies are recommended as they provide an independent and balanced review of our school’s governing body. CIS has a proactive governing body who, as part of their reflective practice, welcome an external review to look at how well our local governing body is working. An external system leader will work with our chair of governors to improve the performance of the governing body.

LGB Members

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Role of The Learning Trust in the process

The Quality Assurance from The Learning Trust is separate from the operational functions. It is responsible for evaluating all schools in the Trust by using a set of clear and written standards to ensure quality. The QA group will organise the process of reviewing all schools by a team of Reviewers led by the Lead Reviewer. Members of the Review Team will include Principals, other identified school leadership personnel and external advisers. Currently, the schools within The Learning Trust are Christleton High School, Chester International School and Queen’s Park High School.

The CEO of The Learning Trust will:

Board Directors

All Trustee meetings are also attended by:

For more information about The Learning Trust and Governance within the Trust please visit the TLT website


The Learning Trust Values

Terms of Engagement between The Learning Trust and the Governing Body of Chester International School