8 Tips for staying safe online

8 Tips for staying safe online

(Posted on 24/10/18)

In a connected world, digital safety plays a key role in safeguarding our students. The internet should be a safe environment for all our learners to explore, so at CIS we ensure students have the skills needed to make positive choices online.

During PHSE and Team Meet sessions, students continue to develop their understanding of eSafety, and how to protect themselves when online. As a school we have systems in place to protect students from inappropriate content. However, it is everyone's responsibility to remain vigilante. These tips will help parents support their learners at home (taken from the WebWise website). The websites below will also direct you to additional resources.


1. Discover the Internet together

2. Agree with your child rules for Internet use in your home

3. Encourage your child to be careful when disclosing personal information

4. Talk about the risks associated with meeting online “friends” in person

5. Teach your child about evaluating information and being critically aware of information found online

6. Don’t be too critical towards your child’s exploration of the Internet

7. Let your children show you what they like to do online

8. Remember that the positive aspects of the Internet outweigh the negatives



The following website are also a great source of reference.