5 Benefits of Social Media in Today's Society

5 Benefits of Social Media in Today's Society

(Posted on 15/05/18)


  1. Worldwide Interconnectivity

Social media allows us to create and maintain friendships from across the globe. Instant messaging allows us to not only contact people from a far distance, but at incredible speeds, that we have now become to accustomed to.


  1. Work Perks

Businesses are now embracing the use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat to spread their news. Companies can build relations with the public, advertise, and spread news all on one platform, directly to customers. This is expanding job roles in departments such as marketing and public relations, that the younger generation can develop professional skills in, from their everyday use of these apps.

Social media now also plays an essential role in job recruitment. Employers may now look over applicants accounts on social media and connections can be made through business media such as LinkedIn.


  1. Research

It is not uncommon for studies to be done on platforms such as Facebook, to gather statistical and opinion based data. The public can voice their experiences to benefit researchers such as Museum curators and companies such as Survey Monkey, work very closely with social media in order to gather as many participants as possible.


  1. Educating the Public

It’s now easier than ever for journalists to share stories in real time. We no longer have to go looking for the news, when constant updates are being posted right onto our feeds. Even Government officials now have social media account to keep us informed; the news comes straight from the source – and the benefit of having these posts on social media is that comment sections allow for healthy debates to hear the opinion of everyone.


  1. And relax…

Finally, what we all use social media for is having time to ourselves. Social media platforms allow us to simultaneously have some private space and keep in touch with friends. We follow what interests us and who we care about to keep us entertained and ‘social’. 


And what’s important to remember is that these are still new platforms. Facebook has only been around since 2004, and it is now one of the biggest companies in the world. Businesses are always discovering new ways to use these platforms and us as users habits will continue to change; but one thing is for sure, with all of these benefits, social media in this society is here to stay.